Anand offers a free 30 minute consultation via online or phone.

All is welcome and Anand will meet you where you are at, in this moment of your journey. Together you can pause and discuss what concerns you might want to address, answer any questions about art therapy, or see if you resonate with Anand’s approach to therapy. Anand cherishes the value of the therapeutic relationship. He believes it has a sacred place in co-creating a safe and non-judgemental space where collaboratively, the experience and wisdom of your creativity is explored.

(416) 700-9004


SoulCollage® founded by Seena Frost, facilitates intuition and creativity, encourages self-discovery and can provide personal guidance. ``We explore and express ourselves by making cards, sharing cards, journaling, and consulting our cards about our own life questions`` (SoulCollage®, 2021).
  • I am a SoulCollage® Facilitator trained under Mariabruna Sirabella.
  • SoulCollage® can be explored in any session.
  • Occasionally I have SoulCollage® group workshops.
  • To deepen your SoulCollage® experience or create your own deck of cards, please connect to collaborate on how best we can move forward.
  • SoulCollage® uses the process of guided collage making and dialogue with our cards.